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My moniker is the CashFlowMan. I specialize in real estate investments. After realizing the potential with my first home rental, I began doing fix and flips. I knew back then, just like today, that successful investors need teams, and realized that a critical member of that team is your Realtor. So in 2004 I obtained my real estate license to fill that role for individual investors. I am not a CPA or Attorney, so while I share my ideas, I do not give tax or legal advice. You should always consult with a licensed professional for answers to specific questions. Feel free to contact me through the form to the right if you would like any of my personal recommendations.

I own, rent, and professionally manage and partner on all types of properties. I have been a landlord and lienlord. Which is better for you? I team with tax lien investors, wholesalers, note buyers, and other commercial investors to obtain exposure to interesting opportunities. I educate investors on how they can roll their old 401k’s into self directed IRA’s so they can own single family residential real estate. I teach people how to use Health Savings Accounts, Personal Property Trusts, Land Trusts, and LLC’s to combine their money and credit with the necessary Knowledge and Time to participate in larger deals with others. In short, I put together lucrative investments backed by real estate so my partners make safe, consistent returns.

I cannot personally take advantage of all the buying opportunities I come across, so I provide myself as a conduit to help other people participate in them as well.

I have extensive experience that you can benefit from if you are buying, selling, involved in a short sale, doing rehab work, looking for foreclosed properties, or handling landlord-tenant issues. Good landlords create great tenants!

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