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I started my career as a real estate investor specializing in fix and flips. I knew back then, just like today, that successful investors need teams, and realized that a critical member of that team is your Realtor. So in 2004 I decided to obtain my real estate license, and in 2011 I received my Broker’s license. I am proud and honored to keep my license with ERA Central Realty group in NJ. I am a Realtor, not a CPA or Attorney, so while I do discuss ideas, I do not give tax or legal advice. You should always consult with a licensed professional for answers to specific questions. To learn more about the topics I cover in consulting take a look below.

Mortgage Notes

A mortgage note is a written promise by a borrower to pay a certain sum of money to a specific lender over a stated period of time at an agreed upon interest rate. The mortgage (amount that is owed) is typically secured by an asset (real property). A mortgage note often includes a promissory note, which stipulates that if the borrower stops paying the loan the lender has the option to take the property as payment. If the property is no longer worth enough to pay off the loan, then the borrower will still pay the loan through the use of other assets.

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Tax Liens

A tax lien or tax deed have become more commonplace recently as they are promoted as being able to generate practically a guaranteed return on your investment. Tax liens and tax deeds are offered throughout the United States. They are sold to allow municipalities, large and small, the ability to collect the taxes necessary to operate in the event a property owner defaults on paying their property taxes. Have you ever found yourself watching a show that promises to give you a free system on how to buy 250 thousand dollar houses for just the back taxes owed…that’s just a few pennies on the dollar! And it is not limited to houses. You can purchase duplexes, condos, apartments, raw land, time shares, and commercial property! Or maybe you do not want to buy the house, but instead you want to make investments that will pay you 18%-25% guaranteed government returns. The common theme in all of these infomercials are fast money and large (should we say unrealistic?) returns.

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Short Sales

A real estate short sale is necessary when a person wants to sell their house but they owe more money on it than it is worth. The process gets its name because the sale proceeds are “short” of what is necessary to pay the lender in full. The lender is the company or individual (investor) that owns the debt. In order to have a successful short sale, the debt that is owed is negotiated with the lender to have the lender accept a short payoff. To qualify for a short sale, it is normally required that the home owner is experiencing or has experienced some type of financial hardship. Some acceptable hardships include loss of a job (unemployment), under employment (when getting a new job), a death in the family, loss of tenants, illness, or divorce.

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Home Rehab

Rehabbing is the term used to describe the process of purchasing a property in disrepair (therefore at a discount), fix it up and sell it for a profit. In order to rehab a property you must be in a position to financially afford the complete process. That means having the funds to acquire the property, pay for materials and labor to repair, and also pay the holding costs (taxes, insurance, utilities) while the property is being repaired. Television today brings us Million Dollar Listing, Fix or Flop, First Time Flippers, Kitchen Crashers, Flipping Vegas, House Hunters and Fixer Upper to name a few. These shows are meant to take you behind the scenes of the rehab process in which individual or parties make a profit. The programs are obviously entertaining or there would not be so many…but be warned: you get what you pay for!

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